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Dreamweaver Extensions Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have downloaded an extension, how do I install it?

A: Download and open the a zip archive which contains installation files for the extension. There are two files inside the archive: an .mxp and a .zxp file. Extract and launch the .zxp file if you are using Dreamweaver CC (2014 or newer) or .mxp file if you are using ANY OTHER version of Dreamweaver.

If the installation file is a stand-alone .mxp file the extension is not compatible with Dreamweaver CC.
Double-clicking an extension installation file saved on your computer should launch Adobe Extension Manager. If you are getting an "unknown file type" error, then possibly Extension Manager is missing from your computer. You can download and install one for free from Adobe web site. Extension Manager will guide you through the installation process.

Once the extension is installed it will be selected in the Extension Manager upper pane. Read extension description and access information in the lower pane.

Q: I am using Dreamweaver CC. Can I still use your Extensions?

A: Starting with the version 2015 of Dreamweaver CC Adobe has permanantly removed support for Adobe Extension Manager. However you can still install extensions WITHOUT using Abobe Exchange through a third party extension manager. The most relialble (and our favorite) is PVII Extension Manager CC. Another popular one is the DMXzone Extension Manager (use it if you are getting "The Insert Bar XML is corrupt" error while installing an extension with PVII Extension Manager CC).

Q: I have installed an extension. How do I access it?

A: It depends on the type of the extension. Select installed extension in the Extension Manger upper pane and read its description and access information in the lower pane:

Please note that Server Behaviors, Server Formats and Server Objects are type of extensions that can be applied only on dynamic pages (i.e. those with .php or .cfm or .asp or .aspx file extensions). You can turn a static page into a dynamic one by changing its extension from ".html" or ".html" to the one corresponding to your server model. PHP/MySQL is the most commonly used server model offered by majority of hosting providers.

Q: How do I access Server Behaviors?


Note for Dreamweaver CC users: To enable Server extensions in Dreamweaver install Server Panel support. Log-in to download Server Panel support extension for free.
A: Server Behaviors are accessed from the Server Behaviors panel. Click the "+" button in the top left corner of the panel to expand the menu and select the Server Behavior from drop down menu (in this case PHP File Upload).

If the "+" button is disabled please make sure of the following:
  • You have a web site defined for the page you are working on. To define a Site in Dreamweaver select "Define Site" from the Site menu.

  • You have a Testing Server specified for the site you are working on. In most cases your Testing Server can be the same as your Remote Server.

  • The page you are working on has .php, .asp or .cfm file extension.
Access Dreamweaver Server Behaviors

Q: How to use a Dreamweaver extension?

A: To learn how to use the purchased extension please refer to the user manual. You can access it from the same page as you have downloaded the extension or from the extension dialog by clicking the Help button (example of PHP File Delete):

Access Help

To learn how to use an extension of a particular type (e.g. Server Behavior) please refer to Dreamweaver Help - it contains excellent instructions on how to work with extensions of various types.

Q: I am using Dreamweaver CC. Can I still use your Spry Extensions?

A: No, unfortunately not. Spry framework support has been removed from Dreamweaver CC. All your pages with Spry extensions however will work as before.


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