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Should you have any issues using one of our products we will be happy to assist you in resolving them. If you are unclear on how to use a certain product please consult the User Manual and Frequently Asked Questions section first as you may find the answers or solution faster than you think.
Still having questions or experiencing a problem? Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time! In your message please include the name of the product and describe the issue in details.

  • Product download/Login-issues:
    When you buy a product download instructions are sent automatically to the email address specified upon the purchase. You need to have access to that email account in order to download. Contact us if you no longer have that access and we will be happy to update your account for you. Should you forget your password you can always send yourself a reminder. If you have just made a purchase and haven't received the instructions please check your Spam folder prior to contacting us.

  • Difficulties accessing extension inside Dreamweaver. Installations Issues.
    Please look at the corresponding topic in the Frequently Asked Questions

  • Problem with using the extension
    Please contact us and, if possible, include the URL where we can experience the issue, so we can troubleshoot it.
    It is always helpful to see the source file of the page where the extension is applied. Send us a message using your email program and send the file(s) in question as attachments.

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